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Note: 1 ml = 1cc

The resulting mixture is injected daily. 0.5 (1/2) cc of the new mixture is drawn into a new injection syringe for each daily injection.

Various Injection Strengths

Ampoule Size  Desired Daily Dosage  Sterile Water Needed  Days of 1/2cc injections
1500 iu                 125 iu                            6 cc                          12 days
1500 iu                 150 iu                            5 cc                          10 days
1500 iu                 175 iu                            4.25 cc                     8 days
1500 iu                 200 iu                            3.75 cc                     7 days

Ampoule Size  Desired Daily Dosage  Sterile Water Needed  Days of 1/2cc injections
2000 iu                125 iu                             8 cc                          16 days
2000 iu                150 iu                             6.6 cc                       13 days
2000 iu                175 iu                             5.75 cc                     11 days
2000 iu                200 iu                             5 cc                          10 days

Ampoule Size  Desired Daily Dosage  Sterile Water Needed  Days of 1/2cc injections
5000 iu               125 iu                              20 cc                        40 days
5000 iu               150 iu                              16.6 cc                     33 days
5000 iu               175 iu                              14.25 cc                   28 days
5000 iu               200 iu                              12.5 cc                     25 days

Ampoule Size  Desired Daily Dosage  Sterile Water Needed  Days of 1/2cc injections
10000 iu             175 iu                              28.5 cc                   57 days
10000 iu             200 iu                              25 cc                      50 days

Basic Mixing Suggestions:

Gather all of your supplies before you begin, including your HCG ampoule. The dry-powered HCG ampoule normally comes with a 1ml ampoule of liquid/solvent. You may discard the solvent ampoule, since we will be using the Sterile water as our solvent. Although not harmful, it is considered best not to mix the two types of solvent. It is also considered best not to store your finished solution in the Sterile Water vial, which is made of plastic. A glass vial is recommended for your HCG, which is provided in the kit. After mixing--always refrigerate the liquid HCG. With proper refrigeration, the 5000 or 10000 IU solution will remain potent for the 43 days, or 23 days, needed to finish your weight loss cycle. (Some people prefer to use 1500 IU ampoules of HCG, which require mixing about every 7-10 days and easily maintain their potency.) If there is any solution remaining after your entire cycle of weight loss is complete, we recommend that it be discarded at that time. Its potency will become depleted over time and we cannot confirm the exact shelf-life of HCG once it has been suspended in solution (mixed). There should be an expiration date printed on the ampoule containing the original powdered form of HCG. Always check this date first. Replace if expired.

Try to minimize the time that the finished solution is left out at room temperature. When you prepare your daily injection, fill your syringe and replace the HCG vial in the refrigerator quickly. You may want to let the loaded syringe warm-up for a few minutes before you administer the injection. Alcohol wipes are provided for cleaning the top of the vials, the ampoules, and to clean the injection site.

First, you must mix the HCG in the proper concentration. Dr. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau both recommend a dosage in the range between 125 IU and 200 IU per day. More than this is not better and may actually lessen the effectiveness. A larger dose will certainly hasten immunity to the positive effects. Skipping an injection 1 day per week is recommended on the 43 day protocol, and the skipped day should always remain on the same day of the week. Each injection should be given as near to the same time each day as possible. We will base our injection volume, of 0.5 cc, to fall within the proper range of concentration in these instructions. You are free to increase or decrease the injection volume, depending on your own preference, as long as you recalculate the solute to solvent ratio to remain within the suggested range of concentration. Also, make sure you have enough HCG on hand to complete the cycle.

When breaking an ampoule, do not use great force and do not squeeze tightly. You want it to break cleanly in the slightest part of the neck. If there is a circular dot on the ampoule, this is where your thumb is to be placed. Gently snap the ampoule in half as if it were a twig, while taking great care not to allow any bits of glass to fall into the ampoule. Also, take care not to cut yourself. Some recommend using a filter syringe during the mixing process. In our experience, it is not difficult to avoid having bits of glass fall into the solution. We recommend tilting the ampoule slightly down, so if any glass does break off, it will fall outside of the ampoule. If you do not feel confident in your own ability to achieve the same result, we recommend the purchase of a filter syringe. We also have Ampoule Breakers available if you feel more comfortable using them, but they are strictly optional.

You must use the large syringe and its separate needle for this mixing process. The needles of the other smaller syringes will be too short to get near the bottom of the ampoule when withdrawing the solution. You will not be using these larger syringe(s) for your injections. If you have a very tall ampoule and the mixing needle is still too short, invert the ampoule to withdraw the remainder of the solution. There is a vacuum pressure inside the ampoule and it can be completely inverted without loss of the liquid inside. Just don't inject air or shake the ampoule during this time to avoid loss of the mixture.

Flip the top off of the Sterile Water and sterilize the stopper. Sterilize the stopper of one glass vial. Wipe the ampoule containing the dry powdered HCG to sterilize it and break it open as described. Attach the needle to the large syringe and withdraw 1 cc from the Sterile Water vial. Slowly inject the water from the syringe into the open HCG ampoule. It will quickly dissolve. Withdraw every drop of this solution back into the same syringe and inject it into the empty glass vial. Withdraw the required amount of Sterile Water into the same syringe and inject it into the glass vial containing the 1cc of HCG that you just finished mixing. Now, each day you will take a 0.5 cc injection from this vial until it is time to mix again or until your weight loss cycle is complete.

Important: When exchanging liquids from the Sterile Water Vial and the Empty Sterile Vial, you must keep the air pressure inside the vials equalized with the air pressure in the room. For example, if you try to draw out 30 ml of Sterile Water all at once, a vacuum pressure will be created inside the vial and the water will fail to flow into the syringe. You must inject air into the vial to prevent this from happening. And you may need to do this more than once during the mixing process. Conversely, when injecting solution into the empty sterile vial, you must withdraw an equal volume of air from the vial to allow space for the solution that is about to be injected. You may use one of your smaller syringes to perform the air pressure equalizations if you wish.

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