Friday, October 22, 2010

Round 2 is on

Tomorrow we will be starting our Round 2 of the protocol so for the next 2 days we will be loading and injecting then after that we will be back on the 500 calorie diet (vlcd) and injecting.We will be injecting every morning once a day for the next 23 days, then we do the 3 days on the vlcd without the hcg injections and start on Phase 3 for 3 weeks then onto Phase 4 for 5 weeks this time. Between each round you are to add 2 weeks longer on Phase for in between rounds. so the next round will be 7 weeks, the next one will be 9 weeks...... and so on, you get the picture. So wish us luck. We took our measurements while ago and I will post it tomorrow morning.

Happy Releasing ! ! ! ! !


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