Sunday, November 13, 2011

HCG Journey come to an end

Well after a long hard journey I have decided to make it come to an end to my hcg journey as it does not work for me (HCG JOURNEY). I have tried for well over a year to lose this weight on hcg. I used homeopathic drops on the first round and it worked great and lost over 40+ lbs...Awesome. But on round 2 3 and 4 I decided to use the rx hcg injections for more convenience cause of going to school. Well that was a total bust. I didn't lose anything those rounds. So on round 5 I decided to go back to homeopathic drops but wasn't able to get from same supplier as before as they went out of business...bummer. So I had to get from a different one. Well needless to say it was a total bust as well. So a friend of mine suggested I try the pellets which she was currently doing and was doing very well with them, so I did. Well guess what....yeah you guess it, total bust as well. I just wasn't moving no matter what I done or tried. Even the stall breakers didn't work etc. So I decided to take a break during my week long cruise to Alaska. Took a month breath before the cruise, went on our cruise and had a wonderful time, if you ever have the chance to go on the week long cruise to Alaska out of Seattle, WA take it you wont regret it. Got back from the cruise and a week later my boyfriend and I decided to get back on it and we did. Well a week later after that he had a horrible horrible motorcycle (scooter) accident which resulted in him have crushed right tibia, all ribs except 2 on right side broken, shoulder blade (scapula) fractured, punctured lung, and a lacerated liver all on his right side. Well from laying on the pavement here in very hot sunny Arizona he got burns (not road was literally frying him) all on the left side. He went from not having any scars on his body but his wrist from an accident in high school. So from staying at hospital everyday (skipped a day here and there to get rest) I decided to come off the hcg as well due to all the stress from his accident and staying at hospital day and night to make sure he was getting the care suppose to get. And you would think the hospital food very healthy and good for you..ehhhhhh not, I gained alot of my weight back between the cruise which was 10 lbs and all that hospital food etc managed to gain the rest of it back. So after 3 long months of surgeries, home care, physical therapy, he is now walking with one crutch/4-leg cane. Not walking alone yet, he skips without one once in awhile but not very stable yet. So after all the stress of making sure he was gonna be alright, I decided to get back on the hcg wagon again. I decided to go with the rx injections again but a different brand. I started that round on October 30, 2011 and I ended it on November 11, 2011. I only gained 1.4 lbs during my 2 load days and I released all of that by the day I ended this round cause wasn't going anywhere I had only had 3 lbs loss from the start weight. So with load gain I had a total loss of 4.4 lb loss. That ridiculous and sad at the same time. So I decided to stop. So I have stopped my hcg journey completely. Figured after well over a year of trying and not working it just wasnt working for me. So, I was introduced to a new diet which I will start on Tuesday November 15, 2011 called the Biomedic Diet. Look it up on internet or go to and give it a try. I will keep you posted as to how it is working for me once I get it started. Before starting the HCG journey I had considered going to Dr. Fang for a lap-band surgery to get this weight off. I dont want the bariatric bypass done that is permanent and non-reversible, the lap-band can be reversed. So if this Biomedic don't work for me then that will be my next step, I am so tired of trying every little diet out there. I have tried numerous of them including weight watchers, T.O.P.S., Atkins, south beach, etc. A person can only do so much. So I wont bore you any longer and get off of here. You can comment but if there is any negative feedback on the bio-medic or the hcg I will delete your comments. The negativity as have seen on some of the other diets as well, well no room for it in my life and wont tolerate it. So good luck to all of you on your journey's we all have a mind, life, and decisions of our own. WE make our own decision on whichever diets if any we decide to go on that journey. So good luck on all your journies and we can support one another whether we agree with everything or not. HUGGS!!!!!

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