Monday, July 12, 2010

Calling it a Night

Well its been a very long and hard day. I will post my before measurements tomorrow. I have to go to walmart to buy me a tape measure to do it with. I will try to post some better pics so you can see better. I learned quite a few things later on tonight as I sat down and chatted with martica and she gave me some great information. Thank you very much. I do believe I am ready for this journey now once the time comes that I am ok to start it. Cant wait to get started so chat with you all soon. Am still learning how to do this blogging thing. Gotta figure out how to put my facebook widget on there and also a chat room widget. Take care and have a great night.

If you ever wana come chat with all of us come on over to the Chatzy room and have some fun with us, lots of good info in there.

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