Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Well today I fly out for my trip. I am all ready and packed and ready for the flight to get here. Will be takin pics along the way as I always do. Will upload them as I can until they tell us to shut off all electronic devices on the plane. Once everything clear again will take pics up in the air.....I think that the most awesome view ever. I love to fly. I will be uploading them to my facebook page at if you wanna see pics. I will try to do a video too if I can. Hope to update this page by tomorrow to show you some awesome stuff and the whole time I am out there. I love you guys. Going to see a whole bunch of my school friends while its not a high school reunion just a get together. Havent seen most of them since I had my baby, got married and moved away in my Junior Yr. So I will be so happy to see them all. I will be seeing a few that I lived by in Catawissa and havent seen any of them since before High School. I have talked to them on facebook and on phone so am really excited to get to see them very much.

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