Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 17, 2010

Well we did bit of luandry today gettin ready for my trip to MO. So we decided to go ship my old printer to my daughter since i got a new one. So from there we drove on out to Mesa Flea Market, we got some spiral shoestrings, and a new sunshade for my Jeep. It was so hot there. They had the misters goin full blast but there was no crosswind goin so it wasnt doing any good. So we got what we were looking for and left, I was gettin over heated. Then we drove out to San Tan Valley, Arizona go "The Pork Shop" to pick up some meat cheap. I had to go on out to car and start it up with the AC it was so hot in there as well. I cant breathe and am miserable in the heat. Then we stopped by Subway to get something to eat and to get cooled down. I got overheated. From there we drove over to our friend Michelles house and visited with her for about 4 hrs. We were gonna BBQ but with everything that still needed to be done we decided not to. Came home cranked AC up more, laid on the lounger and got cooled down, watched some tv, got on pc just for a minute and seen no one was in Chatzy so I sgut everything down and we started packin some of my suitcase, then I went on to bed, Paul came to bed much later, I have no idea when he came to bed. The heat really drained everything out of me. So almost got everything ready for the trip. Will finish in morning.

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