Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 21, 2010

Today was a very bad for me. I was told by some old school friends that we would be meeting up today so we can visit and that they would be coming to Potosi to meet up with me. Well I waited around all day and nothing happened, no calls or anything. So I sat all day waiting for nothing.

Then as I am posting that I was upset over all of this, I find out that the girls I was suppose to meet up with I went to school with is having a party on Sunday. One girl says I guess I will see you at the party on Sunday with the rest of us, I said I have no clue what party your talkin about. Now they all knew I was gonna be and am here right now and they didnt evn invite me. So I told that girl no you wont be seeing me there cause I wasnt invited.  So I guess you can say my day was a total screw up and not very good. I got double wammied, first got stood up, then no invite.  I was very hurt, so my friend here in Potosi invited me to come over and spend the night with her. Only friend I have here.  So I did.


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