Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 1, 2010

Well my son and his new wife came back over all dressed up like at the wedding and asked if I would take better pics of them for their wedding pics, so we all went down to the city park and took some great shots. I will have to say I think they were better than those tok at the wedding. When they were takin photos at the wedding, they didnt even include me or his grandma (my mom) in the photos but they did everyone else. He didnt realize that till they were done with photos and realized I wasnt out there. Told him cause they didnt tell me they were out there doin them, I was inside watchin his son. So the pics at the park today were great, even if I did take them myself....ha ha.

Afterwards we left to go home. We drove to Springfield to my dad for the night so we wouldnt have such a long drive before our flight.

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