Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

Well we got up this morning took my father out for breakfast at this cafe/diner he always goes to, then we went to the park to take some pics of me and my dad together and then I took some of just him. We had a great time.

So then around 2:30pm we went to gas up the rental car for return, then headed on over to the airport to return the car and get ready for our flight. Well needless to say we looked at our flight info wrong and we were there 6 hrs early. So we sat there on our laptops and used their wifi to chat and catch up but I sat there editing pics and uploading them as well while had the speed of the airport like I do at home. Then it was time to check-in and board and we got home about 10PM Arizona time. We went straight to bed.....ahhhhh so good to be back home in my own bed. Nite ya'll.

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