Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 4, 2010

Well today is my oldest son's birthday. Had to wait till later to call him to wish him Happy Birthday cause he works nights and didnt want to wake him. I called him but just left a msg on his machine to call me. He called me later on that evening as he was bout to leave for work. Makes me feel old when any of the kids have a birthday (I am 44).

Am still waiting on my confirmation for my shipment. Now am waiting on my supply to get here so I can start. I'd like to start on a Friday that way I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the weekend) as my loading days while we go out alot on weekends most usually. So that would be good time to load. If not here by then I will hold off till the following weekend to get started. So wish me luck everyone.

I edited a whole bunch of pics today from my trip to MO. Go check them out on my facebook. You will have to be my friend in order to see my photos. Tell me how you know me and I will accept it. Go to  . Thank you and you all have a great day. Thanks for lookin at my blog. Dont forget to mark it to FOLLOW it so you get the updates.

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