Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

Well we got up early and got dressed went to the park down behind the Washington County Sheriff Department in Potosi, MO and took some nice pics of one another. It was me and my friend Renaye (best friend) and her hubby Wayne Sansoucie. We took pics of one another, walked around a bit, then she stepped on something really sharp and hurt her foot, it went thru her shoe and deep into her footsie (OUCH). We doctored it up as much as we could, took some more pics. Then my daughter, hubby, and their kids came down, and then Heather Shivers, Vickey Copeland, and Katie Basket come along as well. We all took pics of each other from then on. We took lots of pics. Then went on down to the Potosi, MO City Park and took alot more pics. It was gettin too hot so we decided to call it a day. Went back to Renayes house got cooled off, went over to Ozzies cause he needed something out of the Pathfinder he is letting me borrow until Paul gets here with the rental car. I drove around and took a long drive just out takin pics of the town for a bit, came back to my daughter's house then got called to give my oldest son a ride home, so I took them home, came back here and now I am ready for bed. So I am turning in for the night and will update you all again tomorrow.

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