Friday, July 30, 2010

July 28, 2010

We went to the YMCA to take photos. My friends Renaye and Wayne Sansoucie went along with us. We took lots of photos, seen the horses tried to have a good time but was getting ungoodly hot out there and humid. So we drove around the properties where the Sayerbrook Ranch owns to see if can find the Bison so Paul could see em, he has never seen a real Bison. SO we couldn't find any and we drove over to the Ranch, went into their country store, got some cold drinks and asked them where the Bison are kept so we could see some. Took lots more pics. So then we found the Bison they had in the pens gettin ready to go to the market, we took pics thru the fences but are some good ones. Then we ent on back to Renaye & Waynes house. We stayed there for the night.

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